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Our Story

Futsal4Kids started in the UK in 2012. Martin Nikolov arrived in London in 2003 from Bulgaria. Back in his country street football was very popular due to the lifestyle and freedom children have. Once he finished University his number one priority was to bring Futsal to children in the UK and what better place to open a Futsal club than England. He had a plan in place from day one when he stepped into the country on how to run his own sports club for children.

With a successful career as a Physical Education Teacher in London it was clear he had to take his managing and coaching skills and open his own sports house.

Martin’s focus was on building a club where children can express themselves, improve technically and last but not least learn how to win and lose.

With more than 250 children playing Futsal for Futsal4Kids we are now the biggest and most successful indoor football academy in Essex and East London. Our children play competitive Futsal matches on weekly basis. Futsal4Kids is now acting as an organiser and league provider where teams from Barking & Dagenham, Redbridge, Romford and Hornchurch compete in a Futsal league on weekly basis.

All About Futsal

Futsal is a fast-paced, five-a-side variant of football played on a smaller, hard court. With Futsal4Kids, your child can dive into a new, captivating sport with our teams in Dagenham and beyond. Our approach goes beyond the ordinary, offering an opportunity for young players to learn the game the Brazilian way. Kids develop amazing new skills and, most importantly, have loads of fun!

Futsal is all about learning how to master the ball and think on your feet quickly and with precision, this makes it an excellent way to build quick thinking skills, as well as great coordination and communication.


Training & Competition: A Winning Combination

Equip your child with their trainers and witness their skills flourish in our local futsal teams. The synergy of training and competition not only refines their technique but also instils valuable life skills and helps kids build lasting friendships. Our futsal teams in Dagenham and beyond blend fun and learning for a great experience.

Futsal's Impact on Football Technique

There's a significant correlation between playing futsal and elevating football technique. The confined space of the futsal court demands quick thinking, precise ball control, and strategic decision-making. As a result, players notice a remarkable improvement in their overall football skills, setting the stage for success on the larger football pitch.

Futsal training in Dagenham, Romford, Redbridge and Brentwood


Experience the fun of futsal with Futsal4Kids. As leaders in children's activities in Dagenham, we offer a gateway to a world of excitement and skill development. Don't miss the chance to be part of an exciting new experience–join our futsal teams in Dagenham or beyond today!

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